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Albuquerque April 18-19 2009 Results



Sharp Shooters
#1 Shawn Jones - 7.49 @ 203.74 MPH
#2 Ethan Holley - 7.84 @ 173.57 MPH
#3 Ric Orosco - 7.91 @ 172.73 MPH
#4 Jim Costa - 8.15 @ 168.68 MPH

#1 Robert Costa - 8.42 @ 121.20 MPH
#2 Max Tafoya - 8.45 @ 164.38 MPH
#3 Rock Salcito - 8.60 @ 155.66 MPH
#4 Anthoney Dickson - 8.61 @ 165.98 MPH
#5 Charlotte Schmidt - 9.01 @ 139.98 MPH
#6 Steve Eckart - 9.13 @ 169.52 MPH
#7 Chuck Dewelle - NT



1st Rd.

Ric Orosco (7.512 @ 183.56 MPH) def Ethan Holley (7.729 @ 177.05 MPH)
Ethan gets a big hole shot here (.156 to a .266) but Ric gets the nitrous monster hooked up throws a number on the board and is able to run Ethan down picking up almost 4 tenths of a second from his qualifying run.

Shawn Jones (7.858 @ 139.57 MPH) def Jim Costa (8.045 @ 168.05 MPH)
Jim gets a hole shot (.123 to a .190) but Shawn runs him down by half track. A fuel line comes loose spraying fuel on the windsheild of the Jones ride and he has to lift early making this race very close. Jim runs out of real estate though and Shawn takes the win! Ric will have lane choice in the finals!


Shawn Jones (7.494 @ 201.94 MPH) def Ric Orosco (DQ)
Unfortunately Ric rolls through the beams giving Shawn the automatic win. Shawn legs it out anyways and puts up a 201.94 MPH pass. Great way for the Jones team to debut a new car by taking home the first Sharp Shooters trophy of the year!!!



1st Rd.

Charlotte Schmidt (8.754 @ 147.22 MPH) def Anthony Dickson (9.914 @ 137.16 MPH)
Anthony gets a huge jump (.083 to a .243) but looses all his lead when he has to lift after a giant wheel stand. Charlotte then takes the lead and runs her quickest pass ever and moves on to the next round.

Max Tafoya (8.370 @ 163.26 MPH) def Chuck Dewelle (12.167 @ 72.80 MPH)
Max with a big starting line advantage (.010 to a .135) and never looks back as Chucky experiences transmission problems. The hard luck award has to go to the DeWelle's. After breaking an input shaft in qualifying Jim Costa loans them a transmission. They work their butts off and think they have a good deal going into Sundays eleminations only to have trouble with Jim's tranny too.

Steve Eckert vs. Rocky Salcido
Unfortunately both cars experience mechanical problems. Steve looses a tranny and Rocky drops a valve. As a a result, the break rule was used and Anthony Dickson was re-instated and advances to the semi's.

Robert Costa (7.741 @ 186.38 MPH) def bye
Robert has his best run ever. He still has lots left as he had to peddle it and runs a 7.74 at 186.38 MPH!

Semi Finals

Robert Costa (7.642 @ 188.08 MPH) def Charlotte Schmidt (9.045 @ 127.36 MPH)
Robert picks up again this time making it from A to B under full power and takes an easy win. Charlotte has engine problems and bangs the blower.

Max Tafoya (8.361 @ 163.68 MPH) def Anthony Dickson (8.481 @ 166.64 MPH)
This is a close one!  Max gets a slight jump and holds off the hard charging turbo mustang to take the win! Max will run Robert who will have lane choice in the finals.


Robert Costa (7.663 @ 188.01 MPH) def Max Tafoya (8.479 @ 158.03 MPH)
Max was real tardy (.072 to a .225) and with Robert clicking off consistant mid seven's that is the last thing Max wanted to do. Robert takes the first Gamblers trophy of the year!





May 23-24 2009 Results


Sharp Shooters
1) Shawn Jones 6.956 @ 208.29
2) Ethan Holley 7.606 @ 174.30
3) Art Cordova 8.022 @ 172.18
4) Jim Costa 8.202 @ 166.88

1) JD 8.298 @ 119.35
2) Anthony Dickson 8.520 @ 169.11
3) Robert Costa 8.822 @ 176.14
4) Ray Trujillo 9.253 @ 145.09
5) Mike Keenen 9.959 @ 107.18
6) Matt Frost 10.431 @ 113.16
7) Marty Pablykin 10.545 @ 86.22
8) Frank Verela (DQ)

1st Rd.

Art Cordova (7.55 @ 178.48 MPH) def Ethan Holley (Broke)
Art gets and easy win here as Ethans car is shut down after the burnout due to a broken fuel line. Art goes on and lays down a killer pass in his new hot rod.

Jim Costa (8.25 @ 165.74 MPH) def JD (Broke)
JD is in for the Jones ride due to the "break rule". Shawn Jones damaged the car during the final qualifying run due to chute/brake failure thus letting JD fill his spot as the next alternate.
Another car goes down during a burnout as JD pops the burst panel. Jim cruises to an easy win!


Jim Costa (8.16 @ 166.67 MPH) def Art Cordova (8.397 @ 167.70 MPH)
This one is a wild race! Jim gets the jump at the line (.092 to .149) but it doesn't take long for Art to catch Jim. Then Art looses traction about 300 feet out letting Jim pull ahead again. Art is on and off the throttle a couple more times but is unable to catch Jim. Jim takes home the second Sharpshooters trophy of the year.


1st Round

Anthony Dickson (8.498 @ 168.67 MPH) def Bye run
Due to breakage RODS looses 2 cars during qualifying/and Friday TNT. So Dickson gets a bye. Anthony pulls wheels high and sails to an impressive run in his mustang.

Robert Costa (7.699 @ 179.91 MPH) def Frank Verela (9.442 @ 128.21 MPH)
Robert gets a full run in for the first time of the weekend. His nitrous powered shoebox is too much for Verela's procharged car on this one, and Robert takes lane choice into second round.

Ray Trujillo (9.276 @ 143.74 MPH) def Marty Palbykin (DQ)
Ray with a big upset here as Marty and his Pro mod GTO rolls through the beams giving Ray the Automatic win.

Matt Frost (8.914 @ 151.64 MPH) def Mike Keenen (8.630 @ 151.66 MPH)
This is a crazy race! Matt gets a big holeshot (.106 to a .406). Both cars are on and off the throttle darting from center-line to guard-wall. Mike can't chase Matt down giving Matt the holeshot win.


Robert Costa (8.336 @ 169.52) def Ray Trujillo (9.243 @ 145.55 MPH)
Robert gets the jump (.091 to a .153) and never looks back. Robert goes to his seconf Gamblers final in a row.

Anthony Dickson (8.377 @ 170.96 MPH) def Bye Run
Matt Frost is unable to make the call giving Anthony the automatic win. That doesn't stop Anthony from throwing down a number. His 8.377 is his cars best ET to date, and has to be one of the more impressive runs of the weekend. He gives up lane choice to Robert in the Final.


Robert Costa (8.274 @ 169.29 MPH) def Anthony Dickson (8.483 @ 167.46)
This is a close one as they both have very respectable reaction times (.047 to .058). But Anthony's small tire mustang just doesn't have enough for Roberts 55. This is Robert's 2nd Gamblers win in a row!



August 8-9 2009 Results



Sharp Shooters

1)Monte Weaver  7.32 @ 188.3 MPH
2)Shawn Jones 7.395 @201 MPH
3)Robert Costa 7.653 @ 182.07 MPH
4)Arthur Cordova 7.832 @ 172.27 MPH



1)Max Tafoya 7.848 @ 167.13 MPH
2)Jim Costa  7.855 @ 175.26 MPH
3)JD St. Cyr 7.911 @ 152.93 MPH
4)Ray Trujillo 8.248 @ 165.87 MPH
5)Steve Eckert 8.268 @ 159.01 MPH
6)Ethan Holley 8.415 @ 125.34 MPH
7)Rafael Dela Rosa 8.458 @ 160.4 MPH
8)Rocky Salcito 8.539 @ 157.26 MPH

9)Matt Rhodes 8.78 @ 155.03 MPH
10)Larry Stepp 8.812 @ 153.57 MPH
11)Charlotte Rhodes 8.821 @ 155.05 MPH
12)Mike Keenen 8.837 @ 174.13 MPH
13)Clint Satterfield 8.972 @ 155.12 MPH
14)Brian Devincenzi 9.059 @ 156.09 MPH



1st Round

Shawn Jones (7.682 @ 194.55 MPH) def Robert Costa (8.592 @ 133.46 MPH)
Robert gets a big reaction time advantage (.096 to .148) and maintains a lead untill half track when his car looses traction.  Shawn uses his "Jones" horsepower to drive around Robert for the win.

Arthur Cordova (7.609 @ 178.56) def Monte Weaver (9.035 @ 102.80 MPH)
Monte with a slight reaction time advantage and had almost a full tenth lead by 60' markers.  But Monte's car broke loose shortly after giving Arthur the win in the "battle of the 63 Vettes".  This win puts Arthur's car in it's fourth consecutive final, and Art has lane choice.

Shawn Jones (7.446 @196.40 MPH) def Arthur Cordova (7.594 @ 188.39 MPH)
Art gets the advantage at the tree and holds the lead for almost 3/4 of the track.  But once again Shawn is able to rely on his horsepower and drive around Art for the win.  This is the second Sharp Shooters win of the season for the Jones crew.




1st Round

JD St. Cyr (8.572 @ 158.31 MPH) def Matt Rhodes (8.890 @ 154.50)
Matt is in as the alternate to replace Ethan Holley.  JD and crew were up all night (literally) fixing a torched head, and have to get the "never say die" award!  Matt gets a huge hole shot (.056 to a .294) and almost makes the upset.  JD is able to use that nitro power and chase him down taking the win.

Ray Trujillo (8.527 @ 161 MPH) def Steve Eckert (9.069 @ 167 MPH)
Ray gets a monster holeshot (.144 to a .445) as Steve is caught looking at the girls in the stands.  Ray cruises to the easy win.  This will be Rays second Gamblers Semi final in a row!

Rafael De La Rosa (8.57 @ 158.53 MPH) def Jim Costa (No Time)
Huge upset here!  Jim was coming fresh off a win at the last RODS race, and was highly qualified for this race.  The 2 cars staged, but only Rafael makes a pass, as Jim's car has a fuel pump failure!  Rafael cruises to an easy win!

Max Tafoya (8.07 @ 162.39 MPH) def Rocky Salcito (8.792 @ 154.11 MPH)
Max gets the big starting line advantage (.058 to .321) and never looks back.  The number one qualifyer will have lane choice in the next round.


Rafael De La Rosa (8.174 @ 163.29 MPH) def Ray Trujillo (8.348 @ 159.40 MPH)
Rafael stuns everyone again, picking up 3 tenths of a second.  The two cars leave almost together and Rafael is able to pull away for the win.  This will be Rafael's first RODS final.

Max Tafoya (8.004 @ 163.27 MPH) def JD St Cyr (8.165 @ 162.01 MPH)
This is Max's first race playing with the giggle juice, and his truck seems to be liking it!  Max wins the "battle of the trucks" getting a huge reaction time advantage and never looking back!  This will be Max's second final of the year.

Max Tafoya (7.986 @ 163.23 MPH) def Rafael De La Rosa (8.148 @ 168.88 MPH)
Max gets another big holeshot as he has been deadly all day!  Rafael puts a good effort in running his quickest pass of the weekend, but it was just not enough!  This is Max's first RODS win ever!!!  Word is he plans on adding more of that giggly juice stuff over the winter.



Penwell Knights August 21-22 2009

Qualifying Final Order

#1 JD St Cyr - 4.774 @ 144.93 MPH
#2 Robert Costa - 4.818 @ 146.15 MPH
#3 Lance Abbott - 4.823 @ 144.09 MPH
#4 Max Tafoya - 4.854 @ 140.27 MPH
#5 S. Hintz - 4.907 @ 143.86 MPH
#6 R. De La Rosa - 5.189 @ 135.54 MPH
#7 El Ray Tryjillo - 5.194 @ 134.97 MPH
#8 R. Haynes - 5.255 @ 132.08 MPH
#9 Bill Miller - 5.522 @ 121.29 MPH
#10 Jim Costa - 5.727 @ 120.06 MPH
#11 Steve Eckert - 5.880 @ 109.04 MPH
#12 Allan Bradshaw - 6.439 @ 68.25 MPH



1st Round

JD St Cyr (4.798 @ 140.14 MPH) def Bye
JD is the #1 quilifier so he gets the bye run.  Gary has the truck running consistant and JD runs another nice looking pass almost duplicating his qualifying time.

El Ray Trujillo (5.198 @ 135.01 MPH) def R. De La Rosa (5.180 @ 135.46 MPH)
Ray gets the big starting line advantage as De La Rosa is caught sleeping on the line (.076 to a .215).  Both cars sound great and run nearly identical ET's giving Ray the hole shot win.  This was a real crowd pleaser and close race. RODS racer facts: Ray has not lost in first round all year!

Lance Abbott (4.826 @ 143.63 MPH) def Jim Costa (7.651 @ 64.31 MPH)
Lance gets the easy win as Jim's problems in qualifying carry over into eliminations.  Jim, feeling something is wrong with the car, clicks it off early and watches Lance sail down the track with a nice looking run for the NA truck! The Abbott truck has no pawer adders and runs conventional Chevy heads on top.

Max Tafoya (6.402 @ 74.49 MPH) def Bill Miller (5.849 @ 86.04 MPH)
Max gets lucky here as Bill goes red by 11 ten thousanths of a second.  Max with a huge wheel stand is forced to lift.  Sometimes better to be lucky than good! Max moves to the next round.

Robert Costa (4.930 @ 139.02 MPH) def Steve Eckert (7.731 @ 81.33 MPH)
Robert gets the win here as Steve's car experiences ignition problems.  Poor Steve has the long tow award only to have a mag go bad after the first qualifying attempt. Robert now has the 55 running consistant and looks to be a tough contender today. 

S. Hintz (4.881 @ 144.60 MPH) def R. Haynes (5.200 @ 132.51 MPH)
Hintz and his beautiful Mustang gets a slight jump out of the hole and never looks back as he picks up from his qualifying time.  Give Haynes credit as he also picked up from his qualifying time, but just didn't have enough for the Hintz Mustang. BTW the Haynes car runs a SMALL BLOCK !!!

2nd Round

Robert Costa (4.749 @ 148.76 MPH) def S. Hintz (4.918 @ 143.82 MPH)
Robert with a great pass as he sets low ET and Top MPH for the weekend!  The Costa crew has to be happy with that lap as he drops everyones jaw!

JD St Cyr (4.805 @ 143.49) def El Ray Trujillo (5.200 @ 135 .26 MPH)
Ray gets a tenth out of the hole but The Southwest Trucks team has just too much power for Ray.  JD catches Ray by half track and never looks back! Trujillo is already looking for a new blower for next year.

Lance Abbott (4.816 @ 144.18 MPH) def Max Tafoya (4.856 @ 139.75 MPH)
This is the closest race of the night!  The two trucks have almost identical RT's (.037 to a .032), and Lance is able to barely nip the Tafoya S-10 at the stripe.  That was some close side by side racing!!! This is what RODS is all about. Close racing!!!



Robert Costa (4.78 @ 148 MPH) def bye
Because of the 11 car field Robert gets the bye run here.  The bye doesn't stop Robert from throwing another number on the board as he shows his competitors they better bring their A game, running another 70.

JD St Cyr (5.08 @ 113.26 MPH) def Lance Abbott (8.07 @ 55 MPH)
Lance falls victim to the dreaded tire shake on this pass.  JD sails to an easy victory but gets lucky as he looses the blower belt before the finish line!

Robert Costa (4.743 @ 148 MPH) def JD St Cyr (5.01 @ 132 MPH)
Robert saves the best for last as he sets low ET of the event!  JD gives it a good effort but appears to hurt his motor as smoke was traling him from half track on.  This is Robert's 3rd win of the year (2 Gambler wins and 1 Sharpshooters win).

This car is for sale folks. If you want a winning car Robert has it sitting in the shop just waiting for you to take delivery by tomorrow. Now think about that for a second. What is Robert going to be replacing that car with? I guess you will just have to keep checking in on the site for the details.

Congratulations to all of the teams who ran with RODS this year. Without you we do not have RODS. 2010 is going to be even better.

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