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Results for  April 10-11, 2010 Results



Sharp Shooters
#1  Monte Weaver - 7.318 @ 190.62 MPH
#2  Jim Costa - 7.505 @ 180.59 MPH
#3  Shawn Jones - 7.584 @ 148.82 MPH
#4  Art Cordova - 7.626 @ 177.04 MPH
#5  Clint Satterfield - 7.691 @ 179.51 MPH
#6  Robert Costa - 7.749 @ 183.44 MPH

#1  Steve Eckert - 8.089 @ 173.25 MPH
#2  Ray Trujillo - 8.242 @ 163.46 MPH
#3  Rafael De La Rosa - 8.412 @ 161.55 MPH
#4  Sammy Gonzales - 8.452 @ 162.17 MPH
#5  Gordy King - 8.924 @ 157.28 MPH

It was decided to have the King car run with the Gamblers but they would not recieve payout money unless they went quicker than a 8.60. The King Family are first class and wanted to thank all of the Gamblers for allowing them to race.

Alex Santibanez
Ken Pearson




1st Rd.
Shawn Jones (6.873 @ 212.19 MPH) def Art Cordova (7.497 @ 187.15 MPH)
Art steps up from his qualifying time and runs a great number but Shawn gets out of the whole first and never looks back as he re-sets the track record!!!

Jim Costa (7.641 @ 176.83 MPH) def Clint Satterfield (7.472 @ 181.59 MPH)
Jim wins this one on a hole shot!!!  Jim needed every bit of his starting line advantage on this one, as he only won by .007 of a second!!!  This has to be the closest race of the day.

Monte Weaver (7.287 @ 190.84 MPH) def Robert Costa (7.494 @ 189.92 MPH)
Robert runs his best time of the weekend, but it just wasn't enough to hold off the hard charging #1 qualifier.  Monte and his mean looking 63 vette will have a bye into the finals.

Semi Finals

Shawn Jones (6.926 @ 218.63 MPH) def Jim Costa (18.26)
Jim gets a huge jump out of the gate (.101 rt vs .232 rt), but Shawn backs up his earlier run with another stellar 6 second blast.  Jim breaks a rear end and slows ending a great weekend for the Yearwood Performance Corvette.

Monte Weaver (7.007 @ 196.87 MPH) def bye
Monte by virtue of his #1 qualifying position earns the bye this round.  He doesn't take it easy on this run, and shows the Jones's they are going to have a race in the final!!!  Monte throws down a very impressive number and drops the jaws of all of the other nitrous cars. Monte now holds the tracks nitrous doorslammer record.


Shawn Jones (6.609 @ 223.53 MPH) def Monte Weaver (7.168 @ 172.06 MPH)
WOW!!!  What a race!!!  Monte gets a huge starting line advantage (.166 rt vs .269rt) and holds the lead until half track.  The Jones horsepower shows as Shawn is able to catch Monte and SHATTER the track record in the process!!!  It appeared Monte was on a 6 second pass himself but lifted once the Jones ride passed him. Two great cars putting on a great show for the fans. Nitrous vs Blower ... what more can you ask for ....



1st Rd.

Rafael De La Rosa (8.201 @ 162.36 MPH) def Sammy Gonzales (8.454 (162.36 MPH)
First time R.O.D.S. racer Sammy Gonzales gets a huge starting line advantage (.040 rt vs .227 rt) and almost takes the win.  The guys from Mexico are here to play and Rafael is able to chase him down and take the win by just .06 of a second!

Gordy King (9.347 @142.29 MPH) def Ray Trujillo (no time)
Ray has a trany brake malfuntion and rolls through the lights giving Gordy the win!
Something is a miss in the Gordy car and it is found in the pits that a rocker had broken.

Steve Eckart (7.963 @ 174.58 MPH) def Bye
Because of his #1 qualifying position Steve gets the Bye.  Steve Makes his best pass of the weekend earning lane choice in the finals. Steve was shooting for the 7 second run all weekend and finally found it. Good job to the boys from Colorado.


Steve Eckert (8.063 @ 172.67 MPH) def Rafael De La Rosa (8.234 @ 154.98 MPH)

Gordy broke in the first round, making this the finals.
Neither light was good but Steve gets treed (.211 rt vs .346 rt) and is able to run down Rafael to take the win.
Congrats to Steve and crew for taking the first Gamblers win of the 2010 season.
Smiles from ear to ear .... it was a good weekend for them ...




Albuquerque Sept. 4-5, 2010 Results



Sharp Shooters
#1  Monty Weaver - 7.11 @ 196 MPH
#2  Jim Costa - 7.29 @ 191 MPH
#3  Clint Satterfield - 7.33 @ 189 MPH
#4  JJ Heber - 7.39 @ 175 MPH
#5  Dewayne James - 7.42 @ 164 MPH
#6  Dave Slatten - 7.48 @ 177 MPH
#7 Art Cordova - 7.68 @ 178 MPH
#8 Jacob Villegas - 7.72 @ 184 MPH

 #1  Robert Costa - 7.84 @ 174 MPH
#2  Sammy Gonzales - 8.07 @ 165 MPH
#3  Charlotte Schmidt - 8.11 @ 170 MPH
#4  Ray Trujillo - 8.11 @ 167 MPH
#5  Rafael De La Rosa - 8.38 @ 162 MPH
#6  Mike Howell - 8.65 @ 156 MPH
#7  Gordy King - 8.70 @ 158 MPH
#8  Steve Eckert - 9.40 @ 151 MPH

Mike Labbatte - 9.57
Al Ahnstedt - 10.13
Chris Bussell - 8.47 (Wrecked) 



1st Rd.

JJ Heber  (7.48 @ 173 MPH) def Dewayne James (10.70 @ 84 MPH)
JJ gets the advantage off the line (.070 vs .130) and never looks back taking the win.  Dewayne experiences traction problems in the other lane and has to lift.

Clint Satterfield (7.31 @ 189 MPH) def Dave Slatten (8.31 @ 133 MPH)
The two leave with almost identical reaction times.  Clint starts to pull away running his best time of the weekend!

Jim Costa (7.69 @ 184 MPH) def Arthur Cordova (7.65 @ 176 MPH)
What a race!  Jim gets the jump out of the gate, but has to lift as he loses traction.  Art pulls around Jim by half track, only to see Jim get back in the throttle and narrowly take the win...On a hole shot!

Monty Weaver (7.29 @ 190 MPH) def Jacob Villegas (7.41 @ 190 MPH)
Yet another great drag race!  The two leave together and blister down the track side by side, with Jacob surprising everyone giving the #1 qualifier all he can handle !  Monty runs another .20 takes the win but the Diesel Dr. crew puts up career best numbers in the loss! The fans go wild !

Semi Finals

Jim Costa (7.12 @ 195 MPH) def Clint Satterfield (7.25 @ 190 MPH)
Two good friends battle for lunch and bragging rights. Another awesome race!  Jim gets the jump out of the gate (.056 vs .123) and runs a career best number to take the win!  Clint also puts up his career best numbers in the loss!

Monty Weaver (7.26 @ 190 MPH) def JJ Heber (7.41 @ 171 MPH)
JJ gets the starting line advantage, but Monty is able to chase him down by 1000 ft and pull away for the win.  Monty will give up lane choice in the finals.


Monty Weaver (7.27 @ 191 MPH) def Jim Costa (8.95 @ 112 MPH)
This is the match up everyone at the race track wanted to see!  Blower vs Nitrous,  #1 qualifier vs #2 qualifier, low ET of the event 7.11 vs Second best ET of the event 7.12. Jim is able to get a small lead out of the hole, but unfortunately for him he drifted out of the groove.  Monty runs another consistant 7.2' to take the surprisingly easy win.
Congrats goes out to Monty Weaver for running the table... #1 qualifier, Low ET of the event, Biggest MPH and the win. The Joker was not Joking around this weekend!





1st Rd.
Rafael De La Rosa (8.40 @ 153 MPH) def Ray Trujillo (8.55 @ 166 MPH)
Ray gets a huge jump on the starting line (.187 vs .315) but looses his lead by 60'.  Rafael takes the win in what has to be considered a small upset considering this was the first race with the new car for the De La Rosa group.

Charlotte Schmidt (8.15 @ 169 MPH) def Mike Howell (8.47 @ 154 MPH)
Charlotte gets the starting line advantage, and never looks back to take the win!  The 57 wagon is moving on to 2nd round.

Sammy Gonzales (8.06 @ 164 MPH) def Gordy King (10.58 @ 113 MPH)
RODS points leader, Sammy, gets the starting line advantage and never looks back.  Unfortunately for Gordy his problems in qualifying appeared to continue in elimiantions.

Robert Costa (7.80 @ 176 MPH) def Steve Eckert (8.76 @ 159 MPH)
Robert gets a huge starting line advantage (.089 vs .320) and cruises for the easy win, running his best time of the weekend.

2nd Rd.
Sammy Gonzales (8.07 @ 164) def Charlotte Schmidt (8.13 @166 MPH)
Sammy gets a tenth at the tree and takes the win.  Charlotte runs a respectable time in the loss.  This is Sammy's first weekend with nitrous, and it appears he is a fast learner!

Robert Costa (7.82 @ 176 MPH) def Rafael De La Rosa (8.17 @ 166 MPH)
Robert with a slight starting line advantage, cruises to the win.  Rafael gave it a race, running his best time of the weekend in the loss.

Sammy Gonzales (8.01 @ 166 MPH) def Robert Costa (26.96 @ 57 MPH)
RODS points leader, Sammy, shows why he is the leader!  Sammy gets the big starting line advantage and then runs his best time of the weekend.  Roberts steering wheel fell off forcing him to abort the run!

Congrats Sammy Gonzales and crew!



Results for Oct 16-17, 2010

Final Qualifying Order 1/8th mile

BAC Enterprises RODS
Sharp Shooters
1   Shawn Jones        4.372@168.68 mph
2   Monte Weaver      4.531@157.57 mph
3   Art Cordova          4.687@149.30 mph
4   Jim Costa             4.736@148.68 mph
5   Lou Katsavos        4.815@145.54 mph
6   Robert Costa        4.874@139.27 mph
7   Jacob Villegas       4.876@150.06 mph
8   Rafael De La Rosa 4.980@138.87 mph
1   Clint Satterfield     4.993@148.43 mph
2   Chalotte Schmidt   5.146@134.28 mph
3   Ellray Trujillo         5.161@134.99 mph
4   Sammy Gonzales  5.170@131.52
Not Qualified
13 Gordy King           8.323@58.05 mph
Yearwood/Hellion Xtreme 10.5/Drag Radial
1   Mike Keenan       5.127@146.94 mph
2   Brant Cambell     5.226@143.44 mph
3   Mike Labbate      5.829@120.06 mph
4   Jonathan Ballew  5.862@123.34 mph
5   Mark Meierine     5.934@120.11 mph
6   Dave Rochav      5.951@118.49 mph
7   Craig Berry         6.196@111.25 mph
8   Jeremy Dumas   6.291@111.00 mph




Sharp Shooters Eliminations


1st round

Jim Costa (4.729@148.54 mph) def Lou Katsavos (5.409@105.20 mph)

Jim gets a big reaction time advantage, and even though he peddles it, gets the win.  Lou very late on the lights and gets squirly, shuts it down early.


Robert Costa (5.396@131.60 mph) def Art Cordova (4.702@147.80)

Robert gets lucky as Art red lights and gives up an easy win.  Robert continuing to have trouble working out the bugs on the new car


Monte Weaver (4.585@156.13 mph) def Jacob Villegas (5.180@147.33 mph)

Jacob with a great light, gets off the line first but stumbles.  Monte clicks off the fastest time of the round so far.


Shawn Jones (4.562@163.20 mph) def Rafael De La Rosa (4.980 @ 138.73 mph)

Rafael Gets off the line first, but is no match for Shawn who is low for the round.


2nd Round

Monte Weaver (4.585@155.30 mph) def Robert Costa (no time)

Nitrous vs Nitrous showdown:  With a very long tree Monte gets an easy win and runs another 4.585.  Headed to the finals again.  Robert does not leave the line as he shut it off.


Shawn Jones (4.458@167.75 mph) def Jim Costa (4.834@148.53 mph)

Blower vs Blower: Jim gets the light, but Shawn gets the win.  Setting low et 2 rounds in a row. Jim has to peddle it again.


Final Round

Shawn Jones (4.341@ 174.39) def Monte Weaver (4.582@154.23)

Here is what everyone came to see.  Blower vs Nitrous,  #1 vs #2.

Monte gets a big advantage off the line, but the blower car gets around the nitrous car for the win.


Congratulations to Shawn Jones on his 2nd RODS win of the Season.





 Gamblers Eliminations


1st Round

 Ellray Trujillo (5.153@135.65 mph) def Charlotte Schmidt (6.598@84.11 mph)

Blower vs Blower: Charlotte gets a big advantage off the starting line, but does a big wheel stand and has to get out of it.  Ellray is headed to the finals.


Sammy Gonzales (5.097@134.30 mph) def Clint Satterfield (5.156@143.47 mph)

Nitrous vs Nitrous: Sammy gets a starting line advantage and never looks back making his best run of the weekend.  Clint has trouble and runs big mph but can not catch Sammy.


 Final Round

 Sammy Gonzales (5.142@133.37 mph) def Ellray Trujillo (5.142 @ 135.64 mph)

Blower vs Nitrous in both finals.  This time the nitrous car gets the win in a very close race.  only .068 separates the two at the finish line.  Sammy not only wins the race, but is the 2010 RODS CHAMPION.


Congratulations to Sammy on his 3rd RODS win of the season and the 2010 RODS CHAMPIONSHIP




Yearwood Performance/Hellion Turbo Systems

XTREME 10.5/Drag Radial


1st Round

Jeremy Dumas (7.233@106.05) def Mike Keenan (broke)

Jeremy the #8 qualifier gets a competition bye as Keenan breaks during qualifying,


Jonathan Ballew (5.889@124.97 mph) def Mark Meirine (5.961@120.33)

Jonathan gets a big starting line advantage and never looks back to take the win.


Mike Labbate (5.760@120.95) def Dave Rochav (5.855@121.85 mph)

Almost even on the tree, the little Chevy Luv is too much for the Mustang.


Brant Campbell (5.535@144.45 mph) def Craig Berry (6.052@114.85 mph)

Brant coming all the way from Amarillo gets the easy win in 1st round.


2nd Round

Jonathan Ballew (5.960@123.86) def Jeremy Dumas (9.771@101.37)

Jonathan gets an easy win over Jeremy who has trouble.  Jonathan off the the 1st XTREME finals


Brant Cambell (5.332@143.37 mph) def Mike Labbate (5.743@121.15)

The turbo Camero is too much for the nitrous truck this time.  Brant will face Jonathan in the finals.


Final Round

Jonathan Ballew (5.889@124.14) def Brant Cambell (7.812@59.68)

Even off the line Jonathan gets the win as Brant appears to blown the motor on the run.  After getting to the pits finds out is it just the rotor came loose. 


Congratulations to Jonathan on being the1st XTREME winner.


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