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Results from Aug 30-31, 2013


Final Qualifying


1            Art Cordova                  Nitrous            4.557 @ 157.67 MPH

2            Robert Costa                 Nitrous            4.641@ 138.04

3            Charlotte Schmidt          Blown             4.769 @ 147.33

4            Ray Trujillo                    Blown             4.808 @ 147.84

5            Gordy King                     Nitrous           5.042 @ 140.21

6            Joe Smithberger             Nitrous           5.129 @ 138.18

7            Angelo Sanchez              Nitrous           5.220 @ 132.98

8            Monte Weaver                Nitrous           5.598 @ 131.52

9            Mike Keenan                  Turbo             5.843 @ 107.90


1st Round
Ray Trujillo 4.906 @ 145.37 def Gordy King 5.398 @ 113.59

Blower vs Nitrous.  Big advantage to King on the starting line but Ray makes it but in the first 60 feet.  King having trouble lifts early.

Charlotte Schmidt 4.896@ 145.19 def Joe Smithberger 5.224 @ 136.19

Another Blower vs Nitrous showdown.  Smithberger the bracket racer gets off the line first and is out on the pink nomad for the first 300 ft.  The blower is too much for the nitrous car and goes on for the win.

Robert Costa 4.988 @ 129.51 def Angelo Sanchez 5.621 @123.75

The only pair with two nitrous cars.  Sanchez is out of the gate first but can only hold on for 60 feet.  Both cars shut it off early.

Art Cordova 4.767 @ 149.41 def Mike Keenan 6.482 @ 116.45

Nitrous vs Turbo.  Keenan getting into the show when Weaver can not make the call for first round.  Cordova leaves first and never looks back.   The turbo car having trouble and watches Art go to the next round

Semi Finals
Robert Costa 4.579 @ 152.78 def Charlotte Schmidt 5.431 @ 97.35

Another Nitrous vs blown pair.  Charlotte in the blown car leaves by a bunch.  She holds on to lead until 330 feet but gets close to the center line and has to lift.  Costa makes his best pass of the weekend.  Off to the finals for 2 races in a row.

Art Cordova 4.615 @ 153.39 def Ray Trujillo 7.022 @ 65.76

Doesn’t get much better than another Nitrous vs Blown pair in the semi’s.  The blown car is out on the nitrous car until about 100 feet then has trouble and clicks it off early.  Final round will be a rematch of the last race, Cordova vs Costa

Art Cordova 4.767 @156.18 def Robert Costa 5.077 @ 119.19

The pair leave the line together, only .001 difference.  Cordova peddles it early, then Costa has trouble further out.  At 330 feet it is even again.  Cordova goes around Costa for the win.  That is two in a row for Art.  Leading the points with just one race to go.




No other data from 2013 was saved.

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