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Results From May 25th 2014


Only 1 qualifying session due to weather conditions

1.  Robert Costa          Nitrous        5.036 @ 141.72 mph

2. Louie Katsaros         Nitrous      5.037 @ 136.42 mph

3.  Jacob Villegas          Turbo          5.055 @ 147.92 mph

4.  Charlotte Schmidt       Blower         5.143 @ 130.20 mph

5.  Mike Labbate        Turbo        5.294 @ 132.33 mph

6.  Ellrey Trujillo       Blower         5.299 @ 111.48 mph

7.  Brian Hinkley       Nitrous       5.394 @ 135.72 mph

8.  Art Cordova      Nitrous         5.514 @ 121.07 mph


Round 1

Mike Labbate 6.655 @ 82.21 mph def Charlotte Schmidt 4.954 @ 139.33

The new comer in the  turbo truck gets the easy win as Charlotte red lights and gives it away.  Both cars have trouble going down, but the turbo car (truck) goes on to the next round.


Jacob Villegas 4.887 @ 149.16 mph def Ellrey Trujillo 4.839 @ 139.48

Jacob gets a hole shot win and sets a new career best.  First time the turbo car has been in the 4.80's.  Ray slows as he bangs the blower on the top end.  Turbos and 2-0 against the blower cars so far this year.


Brian Hinkley 4.881 @ 156.35 mph def Louie Katsaros (NO TIME)

Louie is unable to make the call after qualifying so Brian gets the single.  This would have been a good race as the two friends have a settle to score to see who is quicker, but it will have to wait to another day.


Art Cordova 4.747 @ 142.30 mph def Robert Costa 5.075 @ 140.36 mph

The 2013 RODS champion gets the win over the 2011 RODS champion.  Big improvement over his qualifying for the reigning champ.


Semi Finals

Brian Hinkley 4.767 @ 158.51 def Jacob Villegas 4.987 @ 147.38 mph

Jacob gets a big lead on the off the starting line, but Brian catches by at 330'.  The luck for the little turbo car has run out.


Art Cordova 4.590 @ 148.03 def Mike Labbate 5.879 @ 93.10 mph

Labbate is .003 to Art's .239 on the tree, but Labbate has trouble and Art takes the lead by 330'.  Art runs the quickest pass of the night on his way to the finals.

It will be Nitrous vs Nitrous in the finals.  #8 vs #7


Final Round 

Art Cordova 4.874 @ 136.90 mph def Brian Hinkley 5.201 @ 155.67 mph

Art is ahead from the start and never looks back to win his 4 RODS race in a row.  The champ is still in his winning ways.  Brian gets loose on early, peddles but just can't catch the corvette.





Results From July 4th -5th 2014


After 3 rounds of qualifying

1.  Art Cordova          Nitrous        4.69 @ 158.28 mph

2. Brian Hinkley         Nitrous      4.80 @ 146.87 mph

3.  Gordy King          Nitrous          4.85 @ 145.96 mph

4.  Jim Costa      Nitrous          4.94 @ 129.38 mph

5.  Ray Trujillo        Blown        5.11 @ 135.71 mph

6.  Robert Costa       Nitrous         5.13 @ 136.53 mph

7.  Charlotte Schmidt       Blown      5.17 @ 117.04 mph

8.  MIke Labbate      Turbo         5.54 @ 96.9 mph

9.  Benito Jacquez         Blown         5.84 @ 118.80 mph


Round 1

Ray Trujillo 5.13 @ mph def Jim Costa 5.21 @ 132 Mph

The track is plenty hot and both cars have trouble coming out of the gate.  The Yearwood Corvette gets the jump of the line but the blower car of Trujillo gets the win.


Gordy King 4.89 @ 145 mph def Robert Costa (Broke)

Gordy gets the competition bye run as Costa can't make the round due to a broken part.  Gordy goes run down the lane running very close to his qualifying time


Charlotte Schmidt 4.86 @ 148 mph def Brian Hinkley 5.07 @127

Brian gets loose early int he run and hugs the center line most of the track.  Before the finish line he lifts and when he does the car gets out of control and rolls well past the finish line.  Brian is ok but the car is very beat up.  Charlotte goes right down the middle of the lane for the win.  Luckily she was out of the way when Brian's car comes into her lane.


Art Cordova 4.69  @ 153 mph def Mike Labbate 5.02 @ 141 mph

The 2013 RODS champion keeps his undefeated streak alive for another round and holds off the turbo truck of Labbate.


Semi Finals

 Ray Trujillo 4.96 @ 138 def Art Cordova 5.01 @ 131 mph

Art gets loose down track and has to get out of it, his winning streak is broken by the little blown car from Espanola.  Ray will make his first RODS final


Gordy King 7.89 @ 124 def Charlotte Schmidt 4.90 @ 123 mph

In the closest race of the weekend, only 1 hundred of a second separates these two.  Gordy King is also going to his first RODS final. 

It will be Blown vs Nitrous in the finals.  #3 vs #5.  There will be a first time winner as neither has been to a RODS final before.


Final Round 

Ray Trujillo Vs Gordy King

Due to a high cross wind and a few sprinkles, the final has been postponed until Labor Day weekend.  They will have a couple of months to think about their first win.


Results From Aug 29-30th 2014


After 3 rounds of qualifying

1.  Robert Costa          Nitrous        4.56 @ 159.63 mph

2. Art Cordova         Nitrous      4.752 @ 150.70 mph

3.  Charlotte Schmidt       Blown    4.756 @ 146.01 mph

4.  Jacob Villegas        Turbo              4.884 @ 149.20 mph

5.  Ray Trujillo        Blown        4.90 @ 144.42 mph

6.  Gordy King      Nitrous         4.943 @ 139.71 mph

7.  Joe Smithberger       Nitrous      5.102 @ 136.61 mph

8.  Mike Keenan      Turbo         5.117 @ 140.71mph

9.  Jim Costa         Nitrous         5.323 @ 118.11 mph

10.  Henry Henderson    Nitrous        6.304 @ 110.21 mph


Round 1

Jacob Villegas 4.91 @ 148.37 mph def Henry Henderson 6.12 @ 113.58 Mph

The little engine that could, the only small block in the field gets a win over 2nd alternate Henry Henderson making his RODS debut.  Jacob goes right down the track just short of his qualifying effort.  


Charlotte Schmidt 4.86 @ 145.26 mph def Gordy King 4.96 @ 143.59 mph

The blown cars gets the best of the nitrous car in this pair.  King who won the postponed final from July 5th last night is about a tenth off the 57 wagon.


 Art Cordova 4.77 @ 150.75 mph def Joe Smithberger 5.58 @ 134.61 mph

Smithberger gets the tree but doesn't have enough to hold off the 63 vette of Cordova.  Cordova just a tick off his qualifying effort goes on to the next round.


Robert Costa 4.42  @ 168.48 mph def Mike Keenan 5.02 @ 147.73 mph

The #1 qualifier improves a bunch from his qualifying time.  Setting low ET and high MPH of the event so far.  The turbo car of Keenan struggles as this is his 1st time of 10.5' tires. 


Semi Finals

 Art Cordova 4.81 @ 151.87 def Charlotte Schmidt 4.76 @ 149.06 mph

Charlotte flickers the bulb when staging and it appears to have stunned a little as she is very late on the staging line.  Art wins on a hole shot.  


Robert Costa 4.41 @ 164.65 def Jacob Villegas 4.92 @ 148.08 mph

Jacob takes a shot at the tree and is very early.  The big red light gives Costa the easy win, but he still puts a number.  Setting low ET once again.  It will be #1 vs #2 in the final.  


Final Round 

Art Cordova 4.69 @ 153.01 mph def Robert Costa 4.71 @ 118.67 mph

Art leaves first but is behind by the 330 ft mark.  Costa gets very loose in the middle of the track.  He gets crossed up, and just past the finish line crosses lanes just behind Cordova and hits the right wall.  The driver is OK, but the car did not fare so well.  Art wins his 2nd race of the year.  He leaves this race with a big lead in the points and is almost assured to take his 2nd championship.

Results From October 25-26, 2014


After 3 rounds of qualifying

1. Mike Keenan       Turbo       4.554

2. Art Cordova         Nitrous      4.567

3.   Charlotte Schmidt      Blown      4.663

4.  Gordy King      Nitrous          4.677

5.  Kelly Harvey        Blown        4.687

6.  Jacob Villegas       Turbo        4.842

7.    Mike Labbate     Turbo      4.912

8.  Charlie Fagan      Normally Aspirated         5.736


Round 1

Gordy King 4.738 @ 149.80 mph def Kelly Harvey 5.672 @ 100.92 Mph

The beautiful flame covered Willy's leaves the line and gets into trouble early in the run.  Harvey Peddles but is not able to recover.  Gordy makes a nice clean pass down the track for the win.  With this round win he takes over 2nd place in the points.


Jacob Villegas 4.872 @ 150.25 mph def Charlotte Schmidt (Broke)

Jacob gets the competition bye run as Schmidt can't make the round due to a broken part.  Jacob goes run down the lane running very close to his qualifying time


Art Cordova 4.573 @ 159.40 mph def Mike Labbate 5.746 @89.09 mph

Art makes a great pass right down the middle of the lane making it look easy as he confirms that he is the 2014 RODS Points Champion. Labbate has the turbo truck set on kill and over powers the track.


Mike Keenan 4.388  @ 176.61 mph def Charlie Fagan 5.685 @ 125.73 mph

The little normally aspirated truck is no match for the twin turbo Camaro.  Keenan set the low ET for the race with a blistering 4.38.  He best pass at Albuquerque Dragway ever.


Semi Finals

 Art Cordova 4.580 @ 154.16 def Jacob Villegas 5.855 @ 136.03 mph

The little engine that could make a nice clean pass, but just could not keep up with the nitrous car of Cordova.  Art once again making it look easy as he is off to his 3 final in 4 races showing why he is the 2 time Champion.


Mike Keenan 4.382 @ 176.61 def Gordy King 8.390 @ 54.36 mph

Keenan showing that his 4.38 in the first round was no fluke as he duplicates his run again.  King turning up the wick in an attempt to beat the turbo over powers the track.  The turbo will be in his first RODS final against the RODS Champ.


Final Round
Mike Keenan 4.608 @ 143.08 def Art Cordova 4.827 @ 143.18 mph

After a short rain delay,Keenan getting very close to left wall lifts a little early and does not get the track record that he was shooting for.  Art reports that they might have broken a lifter on the run and slows on this run. 

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