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Results 7/30/22

Final Qualifying

1.  Mike Labbate 4.33245 @ 152 mph

2. Gordy King 4.5927 @ 164 mph

3. Mike Garcia 4.7586 @ 151 mph

4. Rafael De La Rosa 5.1752 @ 108 mph

5. Denver Dennison 5.3723 @ 106 mph

6. Jose Morales 5.8963 @ 86 mph

First Round

Mike Labbate 4.3849 @ 172 mph def Jose Morales 5.0984 @ 141 mph

Labbate is off the line first and never trails.  Morales improves a lot from qualifying but is no match for the Twin Turbo Firebird of Labbate

Gordy King Jr 4.4997 @ 166 mph def Denver Dennison No Time

Dennison leaves before the tree is activated and get no time.  King makes a career best pass and his first sub 4.50 run.

Rafael De La Rosa 4.9159 @ 152 mph def Mike Garcia 13.64

De La Rosa makes a nice clean pass while Garcia has lots of trouble.  It will be De La Rosa and King in the semi's.

Round Two

Mike labbate 5.309 @ 93 mph  unopposed

Labbate has trouble down track and lifts early.  This might cost him lane choice.

Gordy King 5.1703 @ 123 mph def Rafeal De La Rosa 8.2792 @ 78.52

This is a rerun.  In the first try the starter hit the red lights causing King not to get on the converter. 

In the rerun King gets the best of De La Rosa but has trouble and has to lift as well.  However he does get lane choice over Labbate.

Final Round

Mike Labbate 4.5848 @ 149 mph def Gordy King 4.6756 @ 148 mph

Both cars have a little trouble and slow from their qualifying attempts.  King is off the line first but Labbate comes around him and gets his first win of the year. 


Adam Flamholic (no time) vs Ed Jacquez (No Time)

In a bizarre pairing, there is no winner.  Flamholic on his great pass of 4.16 in q3 is a no show to round 1.  He could not get the car started in the pits.  Ed Jacquez shows for the round, but can not get it started to make the competition bye run.  So the winner of the 4 vs 5 pair will get bye to the finals

Robert Costa 4.4493 @ 172.22 def Denver Dennison 4.7965 @148.61

Two goods lights for the drivers.  Dennison makes his best pass of the weekend but will come up short.  Costa makes a clean pass and will be headed to round 2.

JJ Heber 32.3547 sec def James Mosher (no time)

In another strange situation, Mosher leaves before the tree is activated.  Heber shuts off the car not knowing what is going on.  He refires it and limps down the track to a whopping 32 second run.  Definitely the slowest of the day.  But he will face Costa in the 2nd round.

Arthur Cordova 4.6369 @ 147.88 def Louie Katsaros 5.3834 @133.45.

Louie has a fantastic light but breaks a wheelie bar on the launch.  His car gets out of shape and he has to lift.  Cordova appears to lift a little early, looks like he got a little lucky on this run.  Cordova will have a bye run in round 2 so he will be in the finals.  Good way to start a run for the championship.


Arthur Cordova 4.9427 @ 121.29 def BYE RUN

Cordova has problems and shuts it off early.  None the less he is finals bound.

Robert Costa 4.4224 @ 164.90 def JJ Heber 4.7419 @ 144.93

Old Mustang vs New Mustang.  Costa is first off the line and never looks back.  He will face Cordova in the finals and has lane choice.  2 time RODS champion vs 3 time RODS champion.


Robert Costa 4.3983 @ 166.30 def Arthur Cordova (No Time)

What was looking to be a good race didn't happen.  Cordova broke something on the burnout.  Costa is on a single and makes the quickest pass of eliminations, it was going to be hard to beat. 

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