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Results From July 1st, 2017

Albuquerque Dragway

After 3 Rounds of Qualifying the race was complete.  Eliminations were not contested

1.  Art Cordova  4.749 @ 153.79 mph

2. Lyle Byrum 4.754 @ 155.07 mph

3. Mike Labbate 4.766 @ 153.79 mph

4. Jim Costa 4.810 @ 146.48 mph

5. Jacob Villegas 4.841 @ 151.26 mph

6. Gordy King 5.026 141.96 mph

7. Mike Chambers 5.350 @ 134.25 mph

8. Ed Jacquez 5.727 @ 104.22 mph

Results From July 1st, 2017

Albuquerque Dragway

Qualifying after 3 runs

1. Lyle Byrum 4.269 @ 171.76 mph

2. Gordy King 4.721 @ 151.67 mph

3. Mike Labbate 4.753 @ 154.32 mph

4. Art Cordova 4.781 @ 147.54 mph

5. Jacob Villegas 4.940 @ 149.95 mph

6. Mike Chambers 5.352 @ 126.09 mph


Round 1


Art Cordova 4.641 @ 151 mph def Mike Labbate 4.816 @ 153.85 mph

This is the 3 vs 4 pairing this should be a close race.  Labbate gets off the line first with .01 advantage, but it is not enough to hold off the nitrous car.  Cordova runs his best ET of the event, more than a tenth of second better than his qualifying pass.

Gordy King Jr 4.672 @ 152.80 mph def Jacob Villegas 4.803 @ 152.75

Villegas needing to get a good reaction to make up the ET difference leaves too early and red lights.  King also sets up and runs his quickest pass of the weekend, but it will not be enough for lane choice as he will face Cordova in the 2nd round

Mike Chambers 6.995 @ 76.48 mph def Lyle Byrum NO TIME

In a strange race.  Lyle has a had time starting his 57 Chevy.  They have to remove the front end and back down the engine.  Chambers waits patiently.  Then after the burn outs are complete, the starting line crew shuts off Byrum as he has a header dragging the ground on the passenger side.  Chambers has troubles but gets the win and will receive a bye into the finals.


Round 2

Art Cordova 4.718 @ 147.59 mph def Gordy King 4.813 @ 152.34

Cordova gets the starting line advantage and never looks back.  Both cars slow from their previous rounds.  Cordova will face Chambers in the Finals.

Mike Chambers NO TIME def Bye Run

Chambers chooses to save it for the finals.  He stages the car then backs in out.  Chambers off to his first ever RODS final



Final Round

Art Cordova 4.832 @ 143.18 mph def Mike Chambers 5.988 @ 123.12 mph

Chambers is caught sleeping at the starting line and then has trouble on the track as well.  Cordova makes a clean pass down the track with the easy win, his first since 2014.


Results From Sept 2, 2017

Albuquerque Dragway


Qualifying after 3 runs


1. Robert Costa 4.559 @130 mph

2. Art Cordova 4.604 @156 mph

3. Gordy King 4.606 @ 154 mph

4. Mike Labbate 4.681 @ 156 mph

5. Jacob Villegas 4.767 @ 150 mph

6. David Armstrong 4.769 @ 134 mph

7. Charlotte Schmidt 5.292 @ 110 mph

8. Lyle Byrum 5.708 @ 123 mph

9. Ed Jacquez 5.867 @ 117 mph

10. Mike Chambers 10.478 @ 57 mph


Round 1


MIke Labbate 5.001 @ 153 mph def Jacob Villegas 5.141 @ 151 mph

This is the 4 vs 5 pairing this should be a close race.  Turbo vs Turbo.  Both cars have trouble and have to peddle it.  Labbate gets it under control first and will be off to the semi's.

Robert Costa 4.244 @ 177 mph def Ed Jacquez 5.866 @ 117 mph

Jacquez is off the line first but it is not enough as Costa resets the track record.  He will face Labbate in the semi's.

Charlotte Schmidt 4.550 @ 136 mph def Art Cordova 4.660 @ 156 mph

Charlotte is first off the line and never looks back.  She makes her career best run against the last race's winner.  The blown car is too much for the nitrous car.  Charlotte is on to the semi's

Gordy King 4.632 @ 154 mph def David Armstrong 6.922 @ 55 mph

King has a great light and is out on the Corvette of Armstrong who has trouble and has to lift.  King makes two great runs back to back and will face Charlotte in the Semi's.


Round 2

Gordy King 4.687 @ 150 mph def Charlotte Schmidt (No Time)

Charlotte breaks the blower belt on the starting line.  Gordy makes another 4.6 pass and is in the finals.

Mike Labbate 4.636 @ 162 mph def Robert Costa (no time)

Labbate waits patiently for Costa to start his car.  After 30 seconds or so Costa's crew is unable to fire it.  Labbate makes a clean pass and will have lane choice over King.  Turbo vs Nitrous in the finals.



Final Round

Gordy King 4.605 @ 152 mph def Mike Labbate 4.893 @ 156 mph
Both cars leave the starting line together.  Labbate has to peddle it early and looses a lot of momentum.  King has his best run at Albuquerque Dragway and takes home the trophy. 


Results From October 1, 2017

El Paso Motorplex


Qualifying after 3 runs


1. Mike Labbate 4.51 @ 164 mph

2. Lyle Byrum 4.52 @ 162 mph

3. Gordy King 4.56 @ 152 mph

4. Doyle Story 5.42 @ 135 mph

5. Charlotte Schmidt NO TIME


Round 1 Semi Final


MIke Labbate 4.478 @ 162 mph def Doyle Story 4.947 @ 144 mph

Labbate is first off the line and never looks back.  He makes a career best run on his way to the final round.  Story makes his best run of the weekend but it is not enough.

Lyle Byrum No Time  and Gordy King No Time

This has got to be the strangest race ever.  Gordy is a no show for the round after hurting his motor in the final qualifier.  Byrum blows a burst panel in the burn out and is unable to stage.  Neither car will advance to the finals.




Final Round

Mike Labbate No Time def Unopposed
Labbate is declared the winner as there is no car to oppose him in the final.  With this win Labbate wins the Championship by just 7 points (less than 1/2 round) over Gordy King.


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