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Results From May 25-26, 2018

Albuquerque Dragway



Qualifying after 4 runs

1. Charlotte Schmidt 4.332 @ 174 mph

2. Lyle Byrum 4.382 @ 167 mph

3. Mike Labbate 4.607 @ 156 mph

4. Art Cordova 4.685 @ 154 mph

5. Ed Jacquez 4.802 @ 152 mph

6. Gordy King Jr 4.843 @ 141 mph

7. Denver Dennison 4.860 @ 141 mph

8. Mike Chambers 5.336 @ 133 mph

9. Bob Cordova 5.989 @ 114 mph


Round 1


Mike Labbate 4.808 147 mph def Bob Cordova Left Before the Tree Activated

Bob Cordova the new comer from Colorado is the alternate for the broken Gordy King.  He leaves before the tree comes down and gives an easy win to the 2017 RODS Champion.  Labbate is heading his way to the semi's.

Lyle Byrum 4.337 @ 168 mph def Denver Dennison 5.366 @ 112.58

Denver in his first official RODS race gets a big holeshot on the 2016 RODS Champion.  However the blown car of Byrum makes the quickest run of the race so far and takes the win.

Art Cordova 4.799 @ 154 def Ed Jacquez 5.301 @ 147 mph

Cordova gets a huge holeshot on the turbo car of Jacquez and makes a clean run down the track.  The semi's are looking good as the 2014, 2016, and the 2017 champions are all moving forward.  Cordova will face Byrum. 

Charlotte Schmidt 4.708 @ 120 mph def Mike Chambers 5.408 @ 132 mph

Chambers the long time bracket racer show up on the tree.  With a .009 light he is off to a great start.  However the #1 qualifier Schmidt has too much horse power.  She will be the final car in the semi's tonight


Round 2

Mike Labbate 5.084 @ 133 mph def Lyle Byrum NO TIME

Here is the 2017 Champion vs the 2016 Champion.  Byrum lights the tires at the hit and then crosses the centerline and strikes the left wall.  He is ok but the front end took a beating.  Labbate is off to the finals.  Great start to defend his championship.

Art Cordova 4.749 @ 146 mph def Charlotte Schmidt 4.798 @ 120 mph

Charlotte is off the line first and is out ahead but lifts early.  Cordova is the little engine that could and keeps truck to take the stripe by just .0153 seconds.



Final Round

Art Cordova 4.771 @ 156 mph def Mike Mike Labbate 6.092 @ 90 mph

Both cars having a little trouble in the final round.  Labbate is off the line first but Cordova gets his car under control first and takes the win.  Congrats to Cordova.  Is he on his way to another Championship?

Results from July 6-7

at Albuquerque Dragway

Qualifying after 4 runs

1. Robert Costa 4.41 @ 160 mph

2. Charlotte Schmidt 4.56 @ 121mph

3. Art Cordova 4.68 @ 157 mph

4. Jacob Villegas 4.99 @ 149 mph

5. Ed Jacquez 5.19- @ 135 mph

6. Mike Chambers 5.56 @ 128 mph

7. Angelo Sanchez 5.61 @ 122 mph

8. Manny Grado Jr 5.71 @ 128 mph

9. James Mosher 5.80 @ 118 mph


Round 1


Jacob Villegas 4.88 @ 151 mph def James Mosher (Left Before the Tree Activated)

Villegas in the small block turbo car came into qualifying late.  He only had one qualifying attempt and got in on the #4 spot.  He gets the easy win as Mosher rolls the lights and leave before the tree comes down.  Mosher was the 1st alternate for Jacquez who had transmission problems in Q3

Art Cordova 4.79 @ 156 def Mike Chambers 5.46 @ 130 mph

Chambers is off the line first and makes his best run of the weekend.  But the turbo car could not hold off the Nitrous car of Cordova.

Charlotte Schmidt 4.64 @ 120 def Angelo Sanchez 5.56 @ 123 mph

Angelo gets a HUGE starting line advantage.  But the blower car has too much for him.  Charlotte get the win and is headed to the semi's.  

Robert Costa 4.63 @ 148 def Manny Grado Jr 6.50 @ 90 mph

Grado making his RODS debut from Demming, New Mexico.  He gets into the field but has trouble in First round.  Costa is off to the semi but has to peddle it down track


Round 2

Art Cordova 4.60 @ 160 mph def Cahrlotte Schmidt 4.70 @ 136 mph

Art makes his best pass of the weekend as he needed it.  Charlotte gets loose and has to peddle.  She has an incident past the finish fine and spun the car but did not hit anything.

Jacob Villegas 4.75 @ 153 def Robert Costa 4.64 @ 124 mph

The little engine that could get a great start as Costa was slow off the line and then has to peddle down track.  Villegas keeps the hammer down and gets the win.  In the finals it will be Villegas and Cordova



Final Round

Art Cordova 4.66 @ 159 mph def Jacob Villegas No time

Villegas has trouble doing a burn out.  The rear tires shaking violently.  He stages the car hoping it cleared up.  Cordova has no competition as Villegas doesn't go down the track.  Cordova is perfect on the season.  6 straight rounds wins.  Looks like he will be hard to beat for the championship.


Results From Aug 31-Sept 1st

Albuquerque Dragway

 Qualifying after 3 runs

1. Mike Labbate 4.44 @ 166 mph

2. Art Cordova 4.63 @ 159 mph

3. Gordy King 4.71 @ 146 mph

4. Denver Dennison 4.74 @ 149 mph

5. Jacob Villegas 4.78 @ 153 mph

6. Ed Jacquez 4.86 @ 151 mph

7. Ricky Daniels 4.96 147 mph

8. Mike Keenan 5.08 @ 123 mph

9.  Scott Conner 5.451 @ 128 mph

10 Mike Chambers 5.455 @ 134 mph

11 James Mosher 5.95 @ 120 mph

Round 1


Jacob Villegas 4.798 @ 152 mph def Denver Dennison NO TIME

Dennison has trouble on the burnout and shuts its off.  Villegas makes another clean run and is headed to the semi's.

Ed Jacquez 5.403 @ 134 mph def Gordy King No TIME

King  gets a small advantage on the strating line but has big trouble down track.  Jacquez who has a little trouble but gets to the finish line first.  He is headed to the semi's.

Art Cordova 4.628 @ 157 mph def Ricky Daniels 4.976 @ 148 mph

The Outlaw 8.5 car of Daniels is off the line first but is no match for the big tire of Cordova.  He will face Jacquez inthe semi's.

Mike Labbate 4.384 @ 168 mph def Mike Keenan 4.987 @ 105 mph

This is the race that everyone came to see.  Two twin turbo promods ready to race.  Keenan is way late on the starting line and Labbate makes his quickest pass in the car so far.




Round 2

Art Cordova 4.692 @ 157 mph def Ed Jacquez 4.739 @ 153 mph

Jacquez goes red and might have given this race away as Cordova was a little late off the line.  Jacquez gets to the finish line first but it didn't matter as he left the line early.  Cordova is off to his 3rd final of the season.

Mike Labbate  4.397 @ 167 mph def Jacob Villegas 4.826 @ 149 mph

Labbate is off the line first and never looks back.  Another great run in the new car.  The little engine that could didn't have enough this time for the big twin turbo inthe other lane.



Final Round

Mike Labbate 4.464 @ 171 mph def Art Cordova 5.453 @ 158 mph

Labbate wins his first race of the season after sitting out the last race.  Can he come back and win the championship?  He gets a win with a new car the 1st time wout with it.



Results From Sept 29-30, 2018

Albuquerque Dragway

Qualifying after 3 runs

1. Mike Labbate 4.53 @ 160 mph

2. Art Cordova 4.570 @ 159 mph

3. Mike Keenan 4.578 @ 175 mph

4. Ed Jacquez 4.734 @ 154 mph

5. Denver Dennison 4.875 @ 143 mph

6. Kristen Cordova 5.998 @ 123 mph

Round 1


Mike Keenan 4.518 @ 159 mph def Ed Jacquez 5.036 @ 145 mph

Jacquez gets a jump on the tree but has problems down track and has to peddle.  Keenan makes his quickest pass of the weekend so far.  He will face the winner of Art Cordova/Denver Dennison match up in the semi's.

Denver Dennison 4.858 @ 133 mph def Art Cordova  NO TIME

Art Cordova has problems on burnout.  The crew is picking up small pieces of debris off the starting line.  The 2018 RODS champion will not make the pass but it didn't matter anyway.  Dennison picks up slightly and makes a nice clean pass down the track.  He will face Keenan in the semi's.

Mike Labbate 4.583 @ 165 mph def Kristen Cordova 5.577 @ 127 mph

Labbate with a big holeshot makes a clean pass down the track and will get a bye in the semi's. Cordova with the Outlaw 8.5 car makes a clean run and improves but isn't enough for the promod.


Round 2

Mike Keenan 4.412 @ 175 mph def Denver Dennison 4.754 @ 148 mph

A big holeshot for the turbo and another clean run.  Picking up over a tenth from his previous run.  Keenan will be in the finals against Labbate who has a bye run.

Mike Labbate NO TIME

Labbate takes the green light and chooses to save it for the finals against Keenan.


Final Round

Mike Keenan 4.421 @ 178.86 mph def Mike Labbate NO TIME

Keenan has been searching for a record run for 2 races now and he finally gets one.  178 the fastest recorded MPH by a RODS car in the 1/8th mile.  Labbate has trouble on the line but stages the car. 

Congratulations to Art Cordova on his 3rd Championship and to Mike Keenan on his speed record.


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