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Results From May 24-26, 2019

Albuquerque Dragway



Qualifying after 3 runs

1. Arthur Cordova 4.636 @ 159 mph

2. Mike Labbate 4.866 @ 115 mph

3. Gordy King 4.969 @ 141 Mph

4. Denver Dennison 4.994 @ 124 mph

5. Mike Garcia 5.076 @ 138 mph

6. Ed Jacquez 5.249 @ 144 mph

7. Robert Malone 6.262 @ 102 mph

8. Mike Chambers 7.853 @ 76 mph

New Format.  Drivers are paired with a random chip draw


Round 1


Mike Labbate 4.459 167 mph def Denver Denison 5.874 117 mph

Labbate with a big lead off the line and runs his lowest ET of the weekend with a nice clean run.  Denver has lots of trouble.  Labbate off to the semi's

Mike Chambers 8.50 @ 89 mph def Ed Jacquez 5.019 @ 148 mph

This is a big upset as Chambers car is injured.  However Jacquez gave this one away with a big red light. 

Arthur Cordova 4.962 126 mph  def BYE run

The 2018 Champion gets lucky as he has trouble going down the track.  He is off to a good start to defend his championship.

Robert Malone 4.806 146 mph def Mike Garcia 5.023 140 mph

The two new comers are paired up in the first round.  Malone makes a good clean run and goes right down the track.  Garcia also makes his best run of the weekend, but it is not enough


Round 2

Arthur Cordova 4.572 160 mph def Robert Malone 4.933 138 mph

Cordova makes his best run of the weekend to take down the new comer.  Malone makes another good pass and has a good showing.  Cordova is in the finals.

Mike Labbate 4.464 165 mph def Mike Chambers 8.890 89 mph

Labbate looks like a bracket car and is only .01 slower than his previous run.  Chamber's injured car finally gives up and he is done for the day.  It will be 2017 vs 2018 RODS champs in the finals



Final Round

Art Cordova 4.478 165 mph def Mike Labbate 4.496 168 mph

Both drivers with good lights.  Labbate is 9 thousandths better, but has to peddle in the middle of the track.  Cordova makes a career best run to take the win by just .008 seconds.  Congrats to Cordova.  Is he on his way to a 4th Championship?


Results From July 5-6, 2019

Albuquerque Dragway



Qualifying after 3 runs

1. Mike Maggio 4.321 @ 172 mph

2. Ed Thornton 4.517 @168 mph

3. Arthur Cordova 4.712 @ 157 mph

4. Jacob Villegas 4.845 @ 150 mph

5. Mike Garcia 4.896 @ 143 mph

6. Robert Malone 5.299 @ 111 mph

7. Mike Labbate 5.389 @ 96 mph

8. Gordy King Jr 8.029 @ 51 mph

9. Ed Jacquez NO TIME

10. James Mosher NO TIME

New Format.  Drivers are paired with a random chip draw


Round 1


Mike Maggio 4.1307 @ 183.22 mph  def  Bye Run

Maggio with a monster run shatters the track record.  The former Street Car Super Nationals winner now holds both the ET and Speed Record at Albuquerque Dragway

Mike Labbate 4.71 @ 146 mph def Jacob Villegas 4.82 @ 153 mph

Villegas is off the line first but just can't hold on.  Labbate is hugging the center line but does not cross it. 

Ed Thornton No Time  def Arthur Cordova No Time

This has to be one of the strangest runs ever.  Cordova breaks on the burnout and has to be pushed back.  Thornton rolls the lights when staging and leaves before the tree is activated.  After a call to NHRA it is decided that Thornton is the winner.

Robert Malone NO TIME  and  Mike Garcia NO TIME

The final pair is not run due to weather.  The race director decision is that both cars will be awarded semi final points.

Remainder of race canceled due to weather.


Results From Aug 30-31, 2019

Presented by Ben's Automotive of Santa Fe

Albuquerque Dragway



Qualifying after 2 runs

1. Arthur Cordova 4.577 @ 154 mph

2. Mike Garcia 4.934 @ 144 mph

3. James Mosher 5.021 @ 141 mph

4. Mike Labbate 5.133 @ 123 mph

5. Robert Malone 5.757 @ 119 mph

6. Gordy King 5.762 @ 84 mph

7. Ken Person 5.899 @ 117 mph

8. Lawrence Sena 6.192 @ 89 mph

New Format.  Drivers are paired with a random chip draw


Round 1

Cordova, King and Sena are all no shows for eliminations.  with 5 cars remaining someone will get a 1st round bye run


Mike Labbate 4.56 @ 162 mph def James Mosher NO TIME mph

Labbate has a great light and runs low ET of the event so far.  Looks like he is back to his normal ways.  Mosher has problems.  It appears the car will not accelerate under power.  Maybe a transmission problem

Mike Garcia 5.00 @ 142 mph def Robert Malone 5.17 @ 141 mph

This race is closer than it appears on paper.  Garcia was late on the light and only gets by Malone by .04 seconds.  This is the 3 time this year that these two have been randomly paired. 

Ken Person 5.90 @ 108 mph def BYE run

Ken Person gets a lucky draw in the first round with a bye run. 


Round 2


Mike Garcia 4.86 @ 145 mph def Ken Person 5.91 @ 103 mph

Garcia make a nice clean run on his route to his first RODS final.  Person goes down the track again but is no match for Garcia

Mike Labbate 4.77 @ 122 mph def BYE RUN

Labbate slows a little from the previous run.  Looks like they were trying a new tune up.  He gets lane choice in his 2nd final of the year.



Final Round

Mike Labbate 4.50 @ 163 mph def Mike Garcia 4.85 @ 145 mph

Labbate sets up and runs low ET of the event in the final.  He gets Garcia on the light as well in ET.  Labbate makes a big move in the points with Cordova having engine problems and can't make eliminations, but Garcia looks like he could be the spoiler in the final race.  Garcia is only 55 points back.  Who will be crown champion? 


Results From Oct 26-27, 2019

Presented by Monte Carlo Steakhouse

Albuquerque Dragway



Qualifying after 3 runs

1. Arthur Cordova 4.519 @ 163 mph

2. Mike Labbate 4.580 @ 152 mph

3. James Mosher 4.635 @ 160 mph

4. Robert Malone 4.670 @ 148 mph

5. Gordy King 4.913 @ 147 mph

6. Mike Garcia 4.938 @ 147 mph

New Format.  Drivers are paired with a random chip draw


Round 1

Arthur Cordova 4.47 @ 162 mph def Mike Garcia 4.86 @ 149 mph

This is a big match up.  2nd and 3rd in the points.  Both drivers have the chance of winning the championship and being spoiler to Labbate who is leading the points.  Both drivers are good off the line.  Cordova just has too much for Garcia and  Cordova will have a chance to go for the championship. 


James Mosher 4.69 @ 159 mph def Gordy King Jr No Time

This is both drivers first time making it to eliminations this year.  Both have been plagued with mechanical problems.  Mosher has his career best run and King still suffers issues.  Mosher is off to his first RODS semi final. 

Mike Labbate 4.50 @ 161 mph def Robert Malone 5.63 @ 108 mph

This is a big round for Labbate.  If he wins this round, he should be the 2019 champion.  He makes a clean run right down broadway and takes the win and the championship.




Round 2


Mike Labbate 4.28 @ 169 mph def James Mosher 4.51 @ 165 mph

Having wrapped up the championship, Labbate wastes no time in laying down a great run.  His quickest run in Albuquerque ever.  Mosher also runs his best run ever as well.  This is a great side by side run.

Arthur Cordova 4.42 @ 165 mph def BYE RUN

Cordova just can't let the other semi final pair have all the fun.  He also runs a career best.  Probably the best RODS semi finals in years



Final Round

Mike Labbate 10.94 @ 54 mph def Arthur Cordova NO TIME

Cordova is a no show for the finals.  Looks like he burned up a couple of pistons in the semi's.  Labbate not needing to make a full pass, saves it for next season.  Congratulations to the Labbate team on their 2nd RODS championship.


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