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Results of May 2, 2021


After 3 rounds of Qualifying

1. Adam Flamholic  4.1637 @ 165.62

2. Robert Costa  4.3523 @ 175.44

3. JJ Heber  4.4864 @ 159.46

4. Louie Katsaros 4.5078 @ 164.59

5. Arthur Cordova 4.5337 @ 154.91

6. James Mosher 4.5724 @ 158.39

7. Denver Dennison 4.8444 @ 146.72

8. Ed Jacquez 4.9946 @ 141.64

9. Shelby Kennedy 5.4062 @ 132.59

10. Keith Mauldin 5.7153 @ 136.16

11. Gordy King 12.3789 @ 33.02


Adam Flamholic (no time) vs Ed Jacquez (No Time)

In a bizarre pairing, there is no winner.  Flamholic on his great pass of 4.16 in q3 is a no show to round 1.  He could not get the car started in the pits.  Ed Jacquez shows for the round, but can not get it started to make the competition bye run.  So the winner of the 4 vs 5 pair will get bye to the finals

Robert Costa 4.4493 @ 172.22 def Denver Dennison 4.7965 @148.61

Two goods lights for the drivers.  Dennison makes his best pass of the weekend but will come up short.  Costa makes a clean pass and will be headed to round 2.

JJ Heber 32.3547 sec def James Mosher (no time)

In another strange situation, Mosher leaves before the tree is activated.  Heber shuts off the car not knowing what is going on.  He refires it and limps down the track to a whopping 32 second run.  Definitely the slowest of the day.  But he will face Costa in the 2nd round.

Arthur Cordova 4.6369 @ 147.88 def Louie Katsaros 5.3834 @133.45.

Louie has a fantastic light but breaks a wheelie bar on the launch.  His car gets out of shape and he has to lift.  Cordova appears to lift a little early, looks like he got a little lucky on this run.  Cordova will have a bye run in round 2 so he will be in the finals.  Good way to start a run for the championship.


Arthur Cordova 4.9427 @ 121.29 def BYE RUN

Cordova has problems and shuts it off early.  None the less he is finals bound.

Robert Costa 4.4224 @ 164.90 def JJ Heber 4.7419 @ 144.93

Old Mustang vs New Mustang.  Costa is first off the line and never looks back.  He will face Cordova in the finals and has lane choice.  2 time RODS champion vs 3 time RODS champion.


Robert Costa 4.3983 @ 166.30 def Arthur Cordova (No Time)

What was looking to be a good race didn't happen.  Cordova broke something on the burnout.  Costa is on a single and makes the quickest pass of eliminations, it was going to be hard to beat. 

Results May 29, 21

Presented by Monte Carlo Steak House

After 3 rounds of qualiying

1. Louie Katsaros  4.5220 @154 mph

2. Gordy King 4.5998 @ 155 mph

3.  Robert Costa 4.7333 @108 mph

4. Mike Labbate 4.8575 @ 127 mph

5. Mike Garcia 4.9198 @ 143 mph

6. Keith Mauldin 5.0075 @ 138 mph

7.  Robert Malone 5.0953 @ 142 mph

8. Raphael Dela Rosa 5.2617 @ 125 mph

9.  Arthur Cordova NT

Round 1

Dela Rosa 5.2397 @ 137 def Louie Katsaros 9.8959 @ 53 mph

Louie has problems on the line.  Spins the tires really hard and then the car shuts off.  Dela Rosa has a really bad light but is able to go down the track and gets the win over the #1 qualifier.

Costa 4.4119 @ 139 mph def Keith Mauldin 4.9876 @ 133 mph

Costa has some trouble down track but holds on for the win.  Mauldin runs a career best but it is not enough.

Labbate 4.5034 @ 166.98 def Mike Garcia 6.3411 @ 123 mph

Labbate with low ET of the event so far and big mile per hour.  He gets off the line first and never looks back.  Garcia is late on the tree and has trouble.  Labbate move on.

King 4.650 @165 mph def Malone 4.9646 @ 144 mph

Malone runs his best ET of the race but it is not enough to hold off the procharger entry from Alamogordo.  King runs another 4.6.  Very constant this weekend

Round 2

Costa 4.2962 @ 160 mph def King 5.0500 @ 127 mph

King with a fantastic light has a huge holeshot but then over powers the track.  Costa has trouble further down track and peddles a couple of times for the win.  On to his 2nd final of the season.

Labbate 4.3270 @ 159 mph def Dela Rosa 6.1178 @ 88 mph

Labbate is already past 60' by the time Dela Rosa leaves the starting line.  Something is wrong there.  Labbate with his quickest pass of the event so far will face Costa in the finals.  Both are 2 time RODS champions.  You will get the victory tonight?

Final Round

Postponed until July 2nd due to high winds

The finals were run during the 2nd qualifying pass on 7/2/21

Mike Labbate 4.9404 @ 110 mph def Robert Costa NO TIME

Costa broke the rear end in the 1st qualifying run.  Unable to get it repaired, Labbate take the single and is the winner.

Results From 7/3/21

Presented by Yearwood Performance

Albuquerque Dragway




After 2 rounds of qualiying

1. Robert Gallegos 4.3032 @ 165

2. Mike Labbate 4.4106 @ 149

3. Louie Katsaros 4.4355 @ 170

4. Gordy King 4.5573 @ 157

5. Tommy Johanns 4.7458 @ 162

6. Mike Keenan 4.7645 @ 137

7. Clint Satterfield 4.8541 @ 109

8. Mike Garcia 4.8836 @ 142

9. Raphael Dela Rosa 4.9832 @ 144

10 Nick Johanns 4.9834 @ 116

11. Keith Mauldin 5.0016 @ 143

12. Robert Costa 5.0568 @ 135

13. Bob Cordova 5.3658 @ 125

14. James Mosher 5.4666 @ 110

15. Ed Jacquez 6.1287 @ 131



Round 1

Robert Gallegos 4.3766 @ 165 mph def BYE

The #1 qualifier chooses to go first.  Lays down a good number and moves into the 2nd round.

Mike Keenan 4.3755 @ 176 mph def Keith Mauldin 5.5615 @ 134 mph

Keenan has a great light and is just a little quicker than the #1 qualifier ran.  Looks like the turbo car is figuring out the track.  Mauldin slows from his qualifiying effort.

Labbate 4.3446 @ 170 def Ed Jacquez 5.5615 130 mph

Labbate with low ET of the round so far and big mile per hour.  He gets off the line first and never looks back.  Jacquez improves from qualifying but it is not enough.  Labbate moves on to the 2nd round.

Clint Satterfield 4.1452 @174 mph def Nick Johanns 5.1326 @ 122 mph

The NHRA promod driver lays down a HUGE number.  Barely missing the track record.  He looks like the car to beat at the moment.  Nick Johanns slows a little from his qualifying effort.

James Mosher 4.5363 @ 153 mph def Louie Katsaros 4.5709 @ 152 mph

In the closest race of the round, the #14 qualifier takes out the #3.  Mosher Makes a great run and is the only car to win in the left lane so far.  Louie is late on tree and can not catch the blower car.

Mike Garcia 4.9021 @ 145 mph def Raphael Dela Rosa 5.3152 @ 138 mph

Nitrous vs Nitrous.  The #8 vs #9.   Garcia is late on the tree but overcomes it.  Running right where he did in qualifying.  Dela Rosa slows.

Gordy King 4.6046 @ 154 mph def Bob Cordova 5.2470 @ 140 mph

Gordy has been one of the most consistant cars this year and he continues with it.  Cordova is red on the tree so King moves on to the 2nd round.

Tommy Johanns 4.6399 @ 159 mph def Robert Costa NO TIME

Costa is a no show and gives the easy win to Johanns.  Johanns improves a little from qualifying.  Getting ready to make his move into the 2nd round.

Round 2

Robert Gallegos 4.6932 @ 142 mph def Mike Garcia 4.8141 @ 143 mph

This is is mouch closer than it looks.  .0352 Margin of vicotry for the Procharger car of Gallegos.  Garcia left first and runs his best ET of the weekend.  Gallegos has trouble and narrowly gets the win.

Clint Satterfield 4.1424 @ 165 mph def Mike Labbate 4.8142 @ 113 mph

Labbate leaves first but Satterfield is on another great pass, duplicates his first round numbers. Looks like he might have hurt the motor.  He is off to the semi's

Gordy King 4.5977 @ 155 mph def Tommy Johanns 5.2470 @ 159 mph

King is off the line first and never looks back.  He will have lane choice over Gallegos in the semi's.  King is very consistent running almost the same as his 1st round effort.

Mike Keenan 4.3279 @ 178 mph James Mosher 4.3754 @ 161 mph.

This is a close on that no one expected.  Keenan improves from his 1st round, but so does Mosher.  Mosher runs his best time in ABQ but it isn't enough.  Keenan with top speed of the event moves to the semi's to face Satterfield.

Semi Finals

Unfortunately wather got the best of the weekend.  Starts raining and never stops.  The 4 remaining cars split the $10,000 to win purse.  The biggest payout does not happened as planned. 


Results From 9/4/21

Presented by Ben's Automotive

Albuquerque Dragway


After 3 rounds of qualifying

1. Mike Keenan 4.2796 @ 189

2. Mike Labbate 4.3559 @ 178

3. Robert Costa 4.3718 @ 167

4. Louie Katsaros 4.4475 @ 168

5. Gordy King 4.6690 @ 153

6. Denver Dennison 4.6867 @ 134

7. Arthur Cordova 4.7603 @ 150

8. Mike Garcia 4.7883 @ 146

9. Robert Malone 4.7902 @ 152

10. Josh Cohn 4.9716 @ 136

11. Mike Chambers 5.4262 @ 139

12. Keith Mauldin 6.0275 @ 132



This is the quickest field in RODS history.  Beating the best field of 4.91 in 2015 by over a tenth of a second.


Round 1

Arthur Cordova 4.9818 @ 135 mph def Robert Malone 6.8976 @ 107 mph

Malone is an alternate for Labbate who broke his transmission.  Cordova squeaks into the field at #7 in the 3rd session.  After a 3 hour rain delay.  Cordova is 1st off the line and never looks back.  Malone has issues and lifts early.

Mike Keenan 4.8724 @ 136 mph def Mike Garcia 12.5137 @ 40 mph

Garcia is really late off the line and has trouble all the way down.  Keenan gets down about 1/2 way and has to lift.  He is in the semi's 2 races in a row.

Robert Costa 4.6444 @ 139 mph def Denver Dennison NO TIME

Costa drifts to the centerline and has to lift early.  Dennison makes a right turn just past the christmas tree and then does a 360 in the other lane.  He does a great job of not hitting anything.   Costa will face Cordova in the semi's.

Gordy King 4.6137 @ 155 def Louie Katsaros 4.8810 @ 150 mph

Pro Charger vs Pro Charger.  They leave the line pretty close but Gordy is too much Louie and gets the win.  This is his 3rd semi of the year.  Louie has bad luck again in 1st round.  

Round 2

Gordy King 4.5664 @ 156 def Mike Keenan 4.5957 @ 170 mph

This is why we don't race on paper.  Gordy is off the line first and doesn't look bad.  With a MOV of just .044 Gordy is off to the finals.

Arthur Cordova 4.9666 @ 133 mph def Robert Costa NO TIME

Again this is why we don't race on paper.  Costa can not get the car to the starting line.  Cordova will be in the finals for the 2nd time this season.

Final Round

Gordy King 4.5609 @ 158 mph def Arthur Cordova 15.0198 @ 58.66 mph

Gordy has had the most consistent car all weekend.  Running 4.50's and 60's in every run except 1.  This is his first win in 4 years.  Congrats to the King Ransom racing Team.




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